Ongoing Operations and Maintenance Contracts

Contract 11-11: Financial Advisory Services. Click here – Financial Advisory Services

Contract 11-13: E-ZPass Back Office Design Implementation. Click here – E-ZPass Back Office Design Implementation

Contract 11-16: Guardrail Repair. Click here – Guardrail Repair

Contract 13-2: Plumbing Services. Click here – Plumbing Services

Contract 14-1: Armored Car Service. Click here – Armored Car Service

Contract 15-12: Toll Collection System Maintenance Upgrade. Click here – Toll Collection System Maintenance Upgrade

Contract 16-13: General Liability Insurance. Click here – General Liability Insurance

Contract 17-4: Audit Services. Click here – Audit Services

Contract 17-5: Investment Management and Advisory Services. Click here – Investment Management and Advisory Services

Contract 17-6: Insurance for Bridge Property. Click here – Insurance for Bridge Property

Contract 18-1: Main Cable Investigation and Miscellaneous Repairs. Click here – Main Cable Investigation and Miscellaneous Repairs

Contract 18-10: Legal Services. Click here – Legal Services

Contract 18-14: PCI, PII, HIPAA Compliance. Click here – PCI, PII, HIPAA Compliance

Contract 19-6: On-Call Toll Consulting Services. Click here – On-Call Toll Consulting Services

Contract 19-8: On-Call Resident Engineer and Construction Inspection Services. Click here – On-Call Resident Engineer and Construction Inspection Services

Contract 19-9: On-Call Professional Engineering Services-Large Project-Small Project-Environmental. Click here – On-Call Professional Engineering Services

Contract 19-10: On-Call Professional Engineering Inspection Services-Bridge and Facility Inspection. Click here – On-Call Professional Engineering Inspection Services- Bridge and Facility Inspection

Contract 19-13: Mount Hope Bridge and Sakonnet River Bridge Miscellaneous Steel Repairs. Click here – Mount Hope Bridge and Sakonnet River Bridge Miscellaneous Steel Repairs

Contract 20-5: DMV Lookup. Click here – DMV Lookup

Contract 20-6: Retirement Plan Advisory Services. Click here – Retirement Plan Advisory Services

Contract 20-7: Information Technology Consulting Services. Click here – Information Technology Consulting Services

Contract 20-8: Public Information and Marketing Services. Click here – Public Information and Marketing Services

Contract 20-12: Health Benefits Broker. Click here – Health Benefits Broker


High Profile Vehicles Restricted Due to Wind Greater Than 50 MPH on Mt. Hope Bridge. See News Section Below for More Information.


Travel Restrictions Have Been Lifted on the Newport Pell, Jamestown and Mt. Hope Bridges. See News Section Below for More Information.